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Payment Modes

Payment for procedures is payable by either Cash, NETS, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Cheque.




The Oral Care Centre is Medisave-accredited which means you may use Medisave to partially cover the charges for oral surgical procedures, subject to CPF approval.

How does it work?

The patient can either use his/her personal funds or that of a family member. The patient (and/or) fund-owner have to bring his/her IC for proof of identification then fill up an authorization form. The patient will have to pay for the dental treatment in full as invoiced. The Oral Care Centre then will assist the patient in filing for these claims at no extra cost. Once claims are successfully submitted, it will take two-three weeks for CPF-Medisave Board to process and the approved amount may vary from the submitted claim amount subject to the Board’s approval. The patient will be notified by CPF-Medisave when the claim amount has been deducted from their account. Once the funds from CPF Board have been transferred, the clinic will reimburse the deducted amount via cheque.


logo_ChasYou may find out more about CHAS by visiting their website at

To enjoy CHAS subsidies, simply produce your Health Assist card / Pioneer Generation card with your NRIC during registration. For cardholders below 15 years old, please present your Health Assist card and birth certificate. CHAS clinics can be easily identified by the CHAS sticker displayed. The Oral Care Centre will help to process your subsidies online after registration and treatment.

Treatment Fee

Consultation (one-time) $70 – $115
Fillings (amalgam) $90 – $200
Fillings (tooth-coloured) $105 – $220
Scaling & Polishing $80 – $135
Subgingival Scaling & Polishing $80 – $135
Extraction without Suturesfrom $105
Extraction with Stitches and
Bone Grafting (excluding bone graft material)
from $1100
Root Canal Treatmentfrom $750
Crown (per unit) $1400 – $2800
Dentures (per arch) $450 – $2200
Dental Implant Fixture (per unit) $2700
Dental Implant Crown (per unit) $2700 – $3200
Braces (metal) approx $6400
Radiographs (x-rays) $40 – $600

Other procedures and prices available upon request.